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Interactive Design & Consultation

Let's discuss how I can help realize your vision or provide a custom design for an interactive experience or cutting edge product, using the latest in sensors and technology to create an engaging user story.

Art Installation Curation

From a single unforgettable interactive installation to curation of an entire exhibition. Locations include indoor museums, offices, and public parks to off the grid festivals. Check out the LoveTech Catalog for available bookings.

Music Performance

Book me for a live electronic music performance or DJ set at your next event. I'll wield my Controllitar to make contagiously funky music that's irresistibly danceable.

Sound Design & Education

I'm an experienced composer & sound designer and can make custom sounds for your application. I also teach DJing and electronic music production, and instruct educational workshops for all ages.


Rich DDT is an interactive installation designer, live electronic music producer/performer, and event organizer. His custom work for museums, public spaces, and art events features emerging technologies to create an awe-inspiring, educational and playful environment for human connection. 

He has been designing interactions since 2008, curating experiences that encourage collaborative group creativity in digitally augmented spaces. He utilizes sensors, microcontrollers and new media software to spark effortless engagement with intuitive & highly responsive interfaces. Rich DDT co-founded the live electronic music and arts agency LoveTech, the interactive technology design studio 
Anticlockwise Arts, and has created installations for The ExploratoriumThe Tech Museum of InnovationYerba Buena Center for the Arts and the CA Academy of Sciences.

On stage, Rich Detonates Dance Tracks in live music performance, wielding his custom ControlliTAR to make contagiously funky dance music, live looped and electrifying, infused with exotic and nostalgic beats and bass blasted world flavors. In the music studio, he crafts full spectrum sound designs from ambient, dub, techno and orchestral to esoteric sound effects and foley.

He has performed at several large events & festivals including Maker FaireSF MusicTech SummitLightning In A BottleSymbiosisSea of DreamsLucidity and Priceless, and been featured in publications such as CNET, Keyboard Magazine, and the SF Bay Guardian & Chronicle. 

At the core of his multifaceted journey lies a tenacious passion for bringing community,

ingenuity, and wondrous new dimensions of expression to the curious among us.

Read more about his music, interactive installations and events here:

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